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JFK T8’s “A Traveling Dream” – Luis Caraos

Meet Queens, NY-based artist Luis Caraos of the JFK T8 Artist Showcase. Luis’ medium of choice is oil on canvas.

Born in Tiaong, Quezon Province, Philippines, Luis Caraos has called Queens home for more than 30 years. Living in New York City has provided many opportunities to nurture Caraos' gift of creativity, where he has observed and learned from the techniques of artistic pioneers whose work can be found on the walls of the City’s iconic museums and galleries.

With formal training in oil painting, Caraos is unafraid of experimentation and continues to evolve his craft through self-study. He is greatly influenced by artists including John Howard Sanden, John Singer Sargent, Daniel Greene, Elizabeth Robins, Helen Van Wyck, and Jim McVicker among so many other great artists.

“It is my hope to evoke emotional responses from the viewers so that they can create their own stories—something different from the main subject matter itself,” said Caraos about his paintings. “Our stories don't have to match because I do not expect one single message. In fact, I am fascinated about the variety of stories people experience when viewing my art."

Caraos' work is part of “A Traveling Dream” T8 Artist Showcase presented by URW, American Airlines, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In curation with Vaughn Bentley Creative, four local New York artists were chosen for the first installment of the artist showcase—highlighting local artistic expressions of what it means to be a New Yorker.

Guests will have the opportunity to view the T8 Artist Showcase installation May 22 through August 2024. Follow us on Instagram (@jfkterminal 8) to see all the latest details surrounding this event.

Looking to learn more about the artist? Watch this video!